About Me

Hi! My name is Nicholas, and I actually came from a background of insurance.

Being in the insurance industry for so many years, it was engraved in me that providing sound financial advice was as important as preventing my clients from suffering the consequences of a bad financial decision.

I've always been the type of consultant who puts my client's needs first before my own. Over time, I realised that although insurance is important and beneficial, most customers can purchase a policy at every stage of their lives or at any time. The implications of choosing an expensive or wrong policy does not nearly equate to the implications of a wrong property purchase.

Which is why I've decided to ultimately choose Real Estate as a career. Real Estate is the LARGEST investment that you could make in your lifetime and a wrong decision could impact your financial health over the years. Your first property purchase could determine if you would have to live your life servicing your loans and property expenses or if you could have the flexibility to retire 10 years earlier.


Why Real Estate?

I choose real estate as a career because I get to be in the position of providing value to my clients, a position where I could be able to offer them life-long advice to ensure that every decision they made in their property would be an asset to them in the future, not only career which I get to build a long-lasting friendship with my clients and seeing their needs grow as their family grows with them.